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Robot Vision Made Easy

What can Pick-it do?


Pick-it is the 3D robot vision solution that guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products profoundly automating your processes

Is it really easy?


At Pick-it we strive to the best possible user experience with our product: First pick on the first day.

Can you show it?


it was already integrated in a lot of applications. See them for yourself in our video area.

Plug and play eyes for your robots


Pick-it is a plug and play product at a fixed price that guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products in different applications. The 3D camera and Pick-it software detect the 3D position, orientation and dimensions.

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3D camera


  • Finds overlapping products of varying sizes
  • Works with reflective surfaces
  • Works in changing and poor light conditions

Connection Technologies


  • No need for any programming
  • Configuration is done through an easy to use web interface
  • Runs on an included dedicated processor

Pick-it Industrial Connectors


  • Includes a powerful industrial processor
  • Pick-it 3D vision system is pre-installed
  • Connect through Ethernet to your robot

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