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Dedication to visual and audible signaling technology

Dedicated to the design and development of visual and audible signaling technology, Patlite offers the industry’s most comprehensive selection of signal towers, cube towers, rotating warning lights, voice synthesizers and audible alarms used to indicate machine status!

Patlite’s optical, acoustic and electronic engineers have decades of experience developing innovative signaling products with outstanding quality and performance reliability which are required by high and stringent standard of the industry.

The broad range of products available from Advanced Motion & Controls are continuously being improved through stringent quality control, and the productivity methods employed by Patlite.

Patlite Standard Products :

Signal Towers


  • Modular LED Signal Towers
  • Explosion Safe Signal Towers
  • Multiple Module Colours
  • Low Priced, High Quality

LED Lighting


  • IP69K LED Illumination
  • Round LED Worklights
  • Light Bars in Multiple Lengths
  • Explosion-safe Models Available

Audible Alarms


  • Melody & Chime Horns
  • Control Panel Mountable Models
  • Voice Annunciator Horns
  • Explosion-safe Models

Network Products


  • Network Monitor Signal Towers
  • Wireless Transmitters for Towers
  • Real-time Visual LED Displays

Hybrid Products


  • Voice Hybrid Horns with Towers
  • LED Tower Lights with Audio
  • Multi-tiered Rotation Lights w/Sound
  • Wall-mount Voice Synthesizers

Voice Synthesizers


  • Annunciators with MP3 Playback
  • Panel Mount Voice Annunciators
  • Programmable Loud Speakers
  • Programmable Messages

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