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Robotiq Grippers

Adaptive Robot Grippers

Robotiq Grippers offers flexible electric robot grippers providing unique agility and versatility to industrial manufacturing. Robotiq servo grippers are designed to handle a wide variety of parts by using a single gripper and thus eliminates the use of custom tooling and tool changing systems.


Common Applications:

  • Machine Load / Unload
  • Bin Picking
  • Flexible Fixturing for Welding
  • Handling Fragile Parts
  • Research Applications

Robotiq 2 Finger Robot Gripper



    • 2 – Finger 85 Adaptive Gripper.


    • Flexible Gripper.


    • Well Suited For Collaborative Robotics.


    • Compatible With all Major Robot Manufacturers.

Robotiq Adaptive Robotic Grippers

2-Finger 140 Robot Gripper

  • Adaptive
  • Wide Stroke of 140 mm
  • Payload 2 Kg
  • Easy Integration

2-Finger 85 Robot Gripper

  • High Payload to Weight Ratio
  • Long Stroke in Compact Size
  • Grip Detection & Full Control
  • Compatible With All Robots

3-Finger Robot Gripper

  • Handle Wide Variety of Parts
  • Precise Control Over Fingers
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Compatible With All Robots

Easy Installation:


    • Matches Universal Robots in terms of payload, flexibility and user-friendliness


    • Installation and programming with Universal Robots is fast and accessible for everyone


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